What do you know about magnesium hydroxide?
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What do you know about magnesium hydroxide?

Magnesium hydroxide can be used as flame retardant, acid wastewater neutralizer, heavy metal wastewater precipitant, flue gas desulfurizer, cosmetics and food additives, etc. It is also an important raw material for magnesium oxide production. Especially when used as an inorganic flame retardant, it has high decomposition temperature, strong smoke suppression ability, good flame retardant effect, and will not produce toxic and corrosive substances after decomposition, and is widely used in various fields. So what are the characteristics of magnesium hydroxide? Let us follow the editor to find out:

The inorganic flame retardant of magnesium hydroxide is added to the polymer, and its particle size distribution, morphology and purity have a great influence on the properties of the polymer. At present, the methods for producing magnesium hydroxide flame retardants include direct precipitation method, hydrothermal method, microwave synthesis method and precipitation boiling distillation method. In actual industrial production, if you want to produce high-quality and special-shaped magnesium hydroxide products, it is necessary to combine the two methods of precipitation and hydrothermal methods to achieve good results. The precipitation process of magnesium hydroxide determines the quality of the product after water inlet heat treatment, so it is of great significance to study the precipitation process of magnesium hydroxide.

Due to its strong adsorption and high activity, magnesium hydroxide is widely used in the neutralization of industrial acid-containing wastewater, the removal of heavy metals in industrial emissions and mine emissions, flue gas desulfurization, land acid rain treatment and pH adjustment. It is also used in the manufacture of magnesium salts, the refining of sugar, the pharmaceutical industry, and daily chemicals. In addition, magnesium hydroxide is an excellent flame retardant with three functions of flame retardant, smoke suppression and filling in the rubber and plastic industry.



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