Advantages of flame retardant masterbatch
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Advantages of flame retardant masterbatch

Because of the flame retardant efficiency, environmental protection, efficiency, convenience and so on, the flame retardant masterbatch has become an effective substitute for the traditional flame retardant and has been widely used in the various aspects of plastic granulation, extrusion, injection molding and other aspects.


The effective flame retardant masterbatch is also known as the flame retardant masterbatch for modified plastics plant. The following advantages of using functional flame retardant masterbatch in modification plant.


1. Reduce cost


With the progress of science and technology, the continuous development of carrier plastics and equipment, high concentration, high dispersion and high compatibility are possible. A small amount of carrier is no longer the main cause affecting the flame retardancy. Thus, the ideal condition of the exchange of flame retardant and powdery flame retardant is realized, and the flame retardant effect is not constant, and the flame retardancy efficiency is improved. Together with the organic combination of the fire-retardant masterbatch, the cost is reduced by the collective purchase, and the cost advantage of the flame retardant masterbatch is guaranteed, so that the cost can be effectively reduced after the customer is used.


2. improve efficiency


The use of flame-retardant masterbatch makes the material more convenient, shorten the time, improve the working efficiency, and improve the mixing efficiency, and make the material more compact and uniform, and avoid the unevenness of using the powder to sink to the bottom of the pot. The automatic suction machine can also be used to realize unmanned operation.


3. increase production capacity


As the feeding speed of the flame retardant masterbatch is more smooth than that of the powder, the material is more easily plasticized and mixed evenly in the screw, the friction force becomes smaller, the screw speed can be improved properly, and the productivity is increased by more than 30%.


4. Good dispersion


As the flame retardant masterbatch itself is completely plasticized at a low temperature, the dispersion of each material will be better after plasticizing again, and the properties, glossiness and surface of the material are improved accordingly.


5. The environment is clean and tidy


The flame retardant masterbatch is used directly with the plastic particles, the whole process has no fly dust flying, the screw under the screw is clean, the screw is not bonded to the screw, and there is no cross contamination, making the material more safe and the stability of the product quality.


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