About flame retardants
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About flame retardants

Flame retardants help prevent and slow fires, protect property and save lives.

They are an important tool in the overall “tool box” of fire safety measures that help reduce fire risk and meet fire safety standards. 

Flame retardants can provide an important layer of fire protection by:

· Preventing and delaying ignition;

· Slowing the combustion process; and  

· Making a material self-extinguishing.

A foremost benefit of flame retardants in product design is they can stop small ignition events from turning into larger fires.


Have you ever noticed sparks, overheating, melting, or smoke from an electrical device?

Flame retardants are one of the key reasons these failures may not escalate into something more serious like a home or office fire.

Flame retardants not only reduce the risk of a fire starting, but also the risk of the fire spreading — leaving more time for people to escape and firefighters to respond.

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