ProFlame FR245 Tri (Tribromophenyl) Cyanurate
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Brominated flame retardant

  • ProFlame FR245 Tri (Tribromophenyl) Cyanurate
ProFlame FR245 Tri (Tribromophenyl) Cyanurate

ProFlame FR245 Tri (Tribromophenyl) Cyanurate

  • Product description: ProFlame FR245 Tri (Tribromophenyl) Cyanurate
Technical Data SheetProFlame™ BN9361
Name: 2,4,6-Tris(2,4,6-reiveomophwnozy)-1,3,5 triazine
Molecular formula: C21H6Br9N3O3
Molecular Weight: 1067

CAS No. : 25713-60

BN9361 is widely used as a proprietary ,additive flame retardant in ABS、HIPS、
PC/ABS、PPO、PBT、PET,etc. BN9361,which is combined of aromatic bromine and cyanurate, provide high FR
efficiency and good thermal stability.It combines good UV,impact and flow properties
and it is non-blooming.

Net weight: 25KG/BAG
It is not dangerous cargo .You should handle the material according to the instruction
described on MSDS.The MSDS is available from sales department once required.Our
regular mark is printed on the surface of package in advance .You should inform our
sales person in advance If you don’t need this or have any special demand for mark.